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What is the difference between a web studio and an agency

Strategic competencies

Studio: The studio’s priority is a short planning horizon. It performs a specific task, usually short in time: website development, mobile application development, design layout or prototype development.

Agency: The agency’s task is to develop and achieve a strategic plan. This may include, for example, the development of a website and a mobile application as part of a promotional campaign, a digital advertising campaign, the creation and systematic development of communities in social networks.

Control level

Studio: The studio manages business processes at the level of itself.

Agency: The agency takes over part of the customer’s business processes (and part of the production processes, if he is on a third party).

Produced unit

Studio: Project.

Agency: A campaign made up of many separate projects.

Production staff

Studio: We always have our own staff of production specialists: designers, developers, etc.

Agency: It is not necessary to have your own production, the main thing is to establish the processes of working with the studio so that the client does not feel any discomfort.

More or less like this. In short, the agency sells its ability to think and act strategically, knowledge about tools and promotion channels in the digital environment. The agency takes control of the implementation of the proposed strategy – coordinating the campaign at all levels.

The level of integration with the business of the agency can be as close as possible: for example, a full-service agency can develop a new product, make its identity, market promotion strategy (both offline and online), plan a budget for all channels, from the website to the purchase of paid ones. publications from bloggers.

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